General information on Global Steel Fabrication CE Marking declaration

With reference to our legal compliance against the Construction Products Regulation (EU No. 305/2011) and UKAS Accredited Certification against the EN 1090 Series of Standards for Structural Steel & Aluminium products, we will issue legally compliant CE Marking Declarations of Performance certificate for completed product up to and including EXC 2 on full and final settlement of our account. CE Marking for all structural steel and aluminium work under EU No. 305/2011 became a legal requirement within the UK from July 2014. The Construction Products Regulation (EU No. 305/2011) is administered and regulated by HM Trade Standards. Insurance companies and underwriters associated with the building and or works will require CE Marking for the products incorporated into the construction under the Construction Products Regulation (EU No. 305/2011). In line with our EN 1090 UKAS Accredited Certification obligations, our standard terms and conditions will supersede all other terms and conditions applied to the contract specification.

Global Steel Fabrications full Terms & Conditions can be viewed/downloaded below: